Private Islands of the Rich and Famous

  • August 23 2017
  • Danielle Mowbray

Who hasn’t thought about taking off to a private island and cutting all ties with technology, work and the daily grind? It’s a dream for most of us, but some of the rich and famous out there do own their own islands. Lucky them!

How much does a private island cost?

The ideal mix of privacy, being waited on hand and foot, and your every whim catered for. Private islands are a dream come true.

Super rich and famous with cash to spare? Then a private island may be the thing for you! Many stars and successes from the business world have invested in a secret hideaway. Some have built homes on them, others have turned them into money spinners, with holiday homes that can be rented out. Incredibly, many of them were bought years ago at prices that are considered a steal now. Development and an upward trend in buying has increased the value of these isolated islands of perfection. This infographic shows some of the world’s most stunning private islands, who owns them, how much they cost and if you can visit them! And if you’re looking for the private island experience on a budget, we have some ideas there for you too.

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