The Rolls Royce Lifestyle

  • October 10 2017
  • Danielle Mowbray

The most extravagant everyday items cost a pretty penny when you aim for the Rolls Royce Lifestyle. Here we take a closer look at some of them. It’ll make your eyes water.

If you want a car to get you from A to B, then one of the new Rolls Royce Phantoms is probably not going to be your first choice. However, if you can afford to spend that £400,000 then you’re most likely spending a lot on other everyday items. For most of us, we wouldn’t even be aware of a soap that costs more than a few quid, or a pot noodle that costs more than a month’s mobile phone charges. But yes, these things do exist! And we’ve compiled them here to give you a glimpse at how extravagant the Rolls Royce Lifestyle really is.