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Fraud & identity theft protection

When a criminal assumes your identity to take out credit in your name it can affect your own ability to access borrowing, potentially putting a stop to your important personal plans.

Our credit monitoring service allows you to keep track of changes to your credit report, alerting you whenever your profile is updated.
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What is credit monitoring?

As part of our credit reporting service, we continuously monitor your credit profile, alerting you via email when changes are made to your credit report. This allows you to review those changes promptly, helping you to deal with potential problems as they arise.

Can identity theft affect my credit score?

Credit fraud detection

When we spot activity that could be an indicator of potential fraud, we make sure you’re in the know. So for example if there is a large increase on the balance of one of your accounts, we will let you know. You can then check your account and alert your bank if the transaction is not legitimate.

Protect your identity with Credit Angel
Credit Angel gives you access to your credit report and score in an easy to understand format, putting you in control.
It also gives you access to your social score and report which provides a view on how your social media activity is perceived by others, including potential employers.

If you see anything unusual on your credit report our UK contact centre is on hand to help, and can even dispute entries with the credit agency for you.

Credit Angel will alert you if anything changes on your credit report, meaning you can react quickly to any unusual activity.

It can also be accessed via a handy app, putting your financial health at your fingertips.
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