What is a social score?

Sharing stuff online via our social media profiles keeps us connected with friends and family. It also allows us to give opinions on news and current affairs and gives us a space to post all those cute photos of cats and snaps of our lunch. All of these social media activities leave a footprint that has the potential to shape how others view you. So, what does yours say about you?

Social scores explained

What is a social score? In short, it’s a value assigned to your social media activity and how it is likely to inform what others think of you. At Credit Angel, we analyse your social media profiles using our social media reporting service, assigning you a social score that’s easy to understand.

Your social score is a numerical value that represents your social media activity, giving you a guide to whether your social media behaviour is likely to have a positive or negative impact. This way, you can help guide perceptions formed about you when your social media activity is put under scrutiny by something like a pre-employment check. As we spend more time online, sharing details of our lives and personalities in the process, these types of check have become commonplace. In fact, when a recruiter receives an application or CV, checking social media profiles can often be the very next step in the employment process. Could your social media past or present jeopardise your career success?

Of course, it’s not just potential employers who may be snooping on your social media. In recent years, social media profiles have also become more important targets for fraudsters mining personal details about our identities. Your social score helps you to keep a check on your activity, providing you with a proactive way of carrying out social media housekeeping to protect your identity and your reputation.

How does my social score affect me?

Your social score is designed to give you an indication of your overall social media performance from the perspective of a potential employer or similar influencer. The score itself has no impact on you; it’s the data and information that goes into compiling your score that’s important. A low score and corresponding report may prompt you to make changes to your profiles and behaviours so that you appear more employable or in order to protect your personal details from criminals. If your social credit score is fair to good, there may still be some simple areas for improvement to make. Most importantly, your score goes up and down in line with your activity, so you’re able to see how your social media behaviour impacts and make changes accordingly.

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